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Image by Sigmund

Hey There

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Empowering Pathways.We're  excited about supporting small nonprofit leaders on the ground making a difference.  Be sure to read more about the issues and absolutely join us in our movement to Democratize Philanthropy.

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Our Story

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As founders of empowering pathways, paving the road to advance greater equity for those in need is our way of honoring our own beginning.  it is how we Acknowledge and thank the loving communities that raised us... helping others find their way because we believe everyone has the right to opportunities for a brighter future.


Join in our efforts to make the world we live in a better place.

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All About Us

It's important to have a network of friends or colleagues that you enjoy being with.  In our experience, the individuals in these networks are the same individuals who push and inspire us most.  They bring out the best in each of us because we trust they have our best interest in mind.

Empowering Pathways is built on these principles of community and trust and

Irma, and I have been that community for one another over a span of 30+ years. 


Through different networks new relationships are formed, as is the case with the two of us and others who are supporting this work.  We are a team of givers dedicated to growing and expanding our charitable mission.  Our tribe is built upon unique perspectives and varied experience.  We are business professionals, creatives, community activists and volunteers who focus our different skills and expertise on a singular purpose of advancing equity.

Throughout, we have stayed true to our commitment to each other and our communities.  

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